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Director of Women’s Health Policy and Advocacy

Dr. Pace is a researcher with the Division of Women’s Health and primary care physician at BWH, and Assistant Professor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She is also a graduate of the Connors Center’s Global Women’s Health Fellowship.Her research focuses on the delivery of and access to preventive health care services to women in the United States as well as the developing world. She is particularly interested in women’s cancers and family planning. She has researched breast cancer screening behaviors in the U.S. following the 2009 U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendations and has studied the complexities of breast cancer screening decisions in the US. She has also examined the impact of the Affordable Care Act on contraceptive costs and use. She leads research in Rwanda examining effective and feasible strategies for breast cancer early detection, and the quality of breast cancer care. Dr. Pace also teaches Harvard Medical School students and BWH residents in health policy and women’s health.As Director of Women’s Health Policy and Advocacy for the Connors Center, Dr. Pace has worked to influence policy at the institutional, local and national levels to promote the highest standard of health and health care for all women.

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