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Sleep Resource Core

The Sleep Resource Core (SRC) will be integrated into this SCORE by providing equipment, analysis, sleep- related expertise, and sleep data to the two human, one animal, and relevant Career Enhancement Core projects. The scientific leadership and technical support to facilitate and integrate rigorous collection, processing, analysis, and interpretation of sleep measures, will enable the SRC to promote interdisciplinary, collaborative, synergistic, and translational work and support the scientific and career enhancement goals of this SCORE. This work will expand the scientific impact of the SCORE by including sleep as a key health measure in human and animal models of women’s health and aging, including impacts on response to stress; body composition; neurological, cardiovascular, reproductive, and metabolic function; cognition; and mental health.

“Effects of sleep fragmentation and estradiol decline on cortisol in a human experimental model of menopause” The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. Cohn AY, Grant LK, Nathan MD, Wiley A, Abramson M, Harder JA, Crawford S, Klerman EB, Scheer FAJL, Kaiser UB, Rahman SA, Joffe H.

“Associations of adverse childhood and lifetime experiences with sleep quality and duration among women in midlife” Sleep Health. Oken E, Rifas-Shiman SL, Joffe H, Manson JE, Spagnolo PA, Bertisch SM, Klerman EB, Chavarro JE.

Career Enhancement Core

The Career Enhancement Core (CEC) will train the next generation of investigators in women’s health and sex-differences research through cutting-edge SCORE Scholars and Pilot Project Awards, Travel Exchange Fellowships, multidisciplinary career development, and innovative educational programs.

Leadership Administrative Core

The role of the Leadership Administrative Core (LAC) is to integrate and unify the multiple, interdisciplinary components of the Brigham/Harvard Center. The LAC will provide scientific, administrative, and fiscal oversight of our SCORE Projects, Career Enhancement Core, and Sleep Resource Core, and will catalyze progress and innovation in women’s health and sex- differences research across the Brigham/Harvard SCORE environment. The LAC also will lead collaborations between the Brigham/Harvard SCORE and the nationwide SCORE network.

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