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Connors-BRI Center for Research on Women’s Health and Gender Biology

The Connors-BRI Center for Research on Women’s Health & Gender Biology has brought together BWH faculty who are highly regarded in their respective fields in gender biology and women’s health. Together, they promote the discovery of mechanisms across disciplines that explain sex differences in morbidity and mortality as well as disorders specific to women. The Center takes a lifespan perspective to identify etiologic mechanisms during fetal development, puberty, adulthood and aging. The Center highlights focus on periods specific to women such as child-bearing years, perimenopause and menopause. The Center is particularly interested in fostering translational models involving hormones and genes to investigate sex-specific vulnerabilities to illnesses and disorders specific to women.


AccessCircles is a global network for women providing connectivity, knowledge and access to thought leaders, resources and experiences that transform lives. In 2018, WHAM! (Women’s Health Access Matters) was launched as an initiative of AccessCircles to increase awareness of women’s health issues, implement strategies that will improve the inequities and bias in research, and accelerate scientific discovery in women’s health.

The Connors Center is a Premier Partner of AccessCircles Health and Wellness Forums and the Lead Scientific Research Partner of the AccessCircles/WHAM! Collaborative for Women’s Health Research. The Connors Center shares the bold vision of improving the health of women and a commitment to joining forces to advance scientific discovery for the benefit of all women.

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