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The First.In.Women Precision Medicine Platform (FiW) is an emerging translational research platform that advances the inclusion and specific investigation of women in the development and utilization of new drugs, devices and digital therapeutics in order to produce sex-specific and sex-differentiating knowledge about newly developed treatments. FiW transforms medical therapeutics for diseases that are exclusive, predominate or differential in women.

FiW implements a multi-pronged solution to achieve its mission:



  • Advise about research methods and study design relevant to women
  • Supply researchers to incorporate expertise in treatment development

Education and Promotion

  • Convene and host National Summit to disseminate advances and convene thought leaders in the field
  • Promote best practices through publications and education programs

Resource Support Core

  • Maintain database of sex- and gender-distinguishing health information
  • Support investigators conducting clinical trials of drugs, devices and digital innovations
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