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The majority of Connors Center research falls under two major pillars: the First.In.Women® (FiW) Precision Medicine Platform and Stress and Women’s Health Research.

In the first pillar, FiW’s translational research structure helps fund and promote research at Brigham and Women’s focusing on treatments of all diseases that affect the health of women. Through the FiW platform, the Connors Center educates, informs, and engages a range of stakeholders to ensure novel therapeutics are optimally understood in both women and men. The Scott Schoen and Nancy Adams First.In.Women Cardiovascular Fellowship, the IGNITE Awards and the First Look Awards are all programs that fall under the FIW pillar.

The second research pillar, Stress and Women’s Health Research, focuses on how different types of stress impact women’s physical and mental health and are processed by the brain. This includes accumulated lifetime stressors, environmental stress, and physiological stress. Two signature Connors Center programs fall under this pillar: The Brigham/Harvard Center for Reproductive Outcomes of Stress and Aging (ROSA) that investigates neural processing of stress in postmenopausal women, and the Women’s Health Interdisciplinary Stress Program of Research (WHISPR) that examines the effect of stress on the health of women and convenes a community of stress investigators at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

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