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Telemedicine for Women: Challenges, Promises and the Road Ahead

On Friday November 13th, 2020, the Connors Center hosted Telemedicine for Women: Challenges, Promises and the Road Ahead, a webinar that included panels of experts discussing how telemedicine has evolved since the COVID-19 pandemic and how to adequately provide quality virtual healthcare to women. Hadine Joffe, MD, MSc, Executive Director of the Connors Center moderated the first panel, which focused on clinicians’ perspectives on telemedicine for women, featured three clinicians at Brigham and Women’s Hospital: Daniela Carusi, MD, MSc, Director of Surgical Obstetrics and Placental Abnormalities, Leena Mittal, MD, Psychiatrist and Director of the Women’s Mental Health Fellowship, and Lydia Pace, MD, MPH, Director of Women’s Health Policy and Advocacy and the Global Women’s Health Fellowship. Dr. Pace moderated the second panel on telemedicine implementation and insurance coverage, which featured Adam Licurse, MD, Executive Director for Virtual Care at Brigham Health, Farah Shafi, MD, Medical Director of the Massachusetts based health plan AllWays Health Partners, and Lisa Larkin, MD, women’s health internist and Founder and CEO of Ms. Medicine, a national healthcare organization that advances gender specific primary health care. “The webinar concluded with a discussion about pharmaceutical companies’ interest in telemedicine and how the pandemic impacted clinical trials. This fireside chat was lead by Primavera Spagnolo, MD, Scientific Director of the Precision Medicine Platform, and Yesmean Wahdan, MD, an OBGYN and Senior Medical Director of US Medical Affairs.
Watch a recording of the webinar here.
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