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Introducing our Scientific Director, Primavera Spagnolo, MD, PhD

Originally from Italy, Dr. Spagnolo worked for years with patients with alcohol and drug use disorders. She launched an OB/GYN service for women with addictive disorders and she conducted several research projects assessing the consequences of alcohol use during pregnancy. In 2012, she moved to the United States to complete her post-doctoral fellowship at NIH, where she continued working for several years first as a Research Fellow and then as a Research Scientist. Her research mainly focused on the mechanisms underlying altered stress responsivity as an endophenotype of several stress-related disorders. Dr. Spagnolo is bringing these skills to her work as a Tynan Research Scientist at the Brigham and will help build a research program for the First.In.Women Precision Medicine Platform to make sex- and gender-informed approaches the standard for medical research.

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